from-earth cafe "OHANA"= VEGAN CAFE & RESTAURANT

Our fair-trade & ecology shop B"from-earth" have just
opened a cafe "OHANA" in Sangenjaya.

All of our food is for vegetarians and vegans without
using any meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, white sugar,
artificial seasoning, preservatives, or coloring. The
ingredients are carefully selected, using as much organic,
safety and fair-trade ingredients as possible. There are
also some macrobiotic sweets available for after meals and
with tea of coffee.

"OHANA" is the place where you can try out B"from-earth" recommended food and drinks. Especially drinks, you can
enjoy almost all drinks from
"from-earth", fair-trade teas and coffees, herb teas, grain coffees etc.

For the bar time, organic wines from several countries,
organic beers from Palestine and Echigo(Niigata), organic
brown rice sakes, shochu and ume-shu, and other organic
liqueur are available.

Weekday lunch time Menu
- OHANA plate with soup 880
(main vege dish, two small side dishes, brown or half
brown rice, salad)
- season's vegetable curry 780
(brown or half brown rice)
-Onigiri (rice ball) plate with soup 680
(brown and half brown rice balls, two small side dishes)

<lunch drink>
plus 200 | coffee (hot or cold), tea (hot or cold), bancha (coarse tea)
plus 300 | soy chai, glass wine (red or whilte)

-green tea cake 450
-sesami scorn with yuzu jam and soy whip cream 400
-banana soy milk with carob syrup 680
-today's sweets

Dinner and Bar time Menu
-Organic salad parfait 680
-Millet sausage 880
-Insalata di Caprese with Tofu 780
-Tofu Nabe 780
-Organic vegetable pickles 580
-Pampkin croquette 580
-Hijiki & potato croquette 580
-Samosa 680
-Humus 580
-Today's Dinner plate 980

Weekend & holiday menu
-Tofu Teriyaki bowl with vegetable 980
-Salad plate with natural yeast bread 880

The Space and Music
In the warm and relaxing atmosphere of "OHANA" filled
with drift woods and greens, you can enjoy organic music
and world music from our unique Gourd (Hyotan) speakers
and high-standard quality of Time Domain Speakers. Please
check for events, such as acoustic lives, workshops,
candle nights, exhibitions, parties and other events
happening frequently. The seats can be resereved for
private parties.

The internet is available with Wireless LAN in "OHANA".
Through our opening time it is Non-smorking.

"OHANA" means "family" in Hawaiian language.
It precisely means more than normal "family" but also
people around you, and furthermore, every living thing on
this planet is considered as a family,
"ohana", and the connected consciousness and strong bond
by self-less love. B

yOPEN z11:00`23:00iSunday & holiday= `22:00)@@@@
yThe regular holiday of the shopzThursday
yTEL/FAXz (03) 5433-8787
yADDRESSz1-32-6-1F, Sangenjaya, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo Japan
yClosest stationz Sangenchaya station(Tokyu Den-en toshi line or Setagaya line) 2 minutes on foot
yAccessz Passing along 246 street (To Komazawa)





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